MPL implements new regulations for clearing agents

Maldives Ports Limited has implemented a new regulation for clearing agents.

The previously practiced regulations for ‘Registration of Clearance Agents’ was revised and has been renewed as ‘The Regulation of Operational Procedures at Male` Commercial Harbor for Clearing Agents’ and it has been implemented, with the approval of the board members of Maldives Ports Limited.

We would like to highlight that re-registration of previously registered agents are required and the process of registration will be facilitated through our Bandharu Portal. For new agents, we are pleased to inform you that we are accepting online applications via the Bandharu Portal.

The whitepaper for the newly implemented regulation is available for download at our website, and it has been published on www. With the new changes, existing registered companies and new companies should follow the procedures highlighted in the Bandharu portal of MPL, Effective on 25th march 2021, Male’ Commercial Harbor (MCH) and Hulhumale Terminal will be following the new regulation.


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